Quick and easy Android online version checker

This is a quick and easy way to check which version of Android you currently have installed without jumping through your settings menu, and makes it super easy to find what version you have.

This Android online version checker is for devices that run the Android operating system, but if you have another device you’d like to check, refer to our version check index to find out what version you’re running on other devices.
android logo peeking out side of window

Unable to detect version, it looks like your using a different device

To find out what version of Android you have, open this page up on your android device at luketeachestech.com/p/android-online-version-checker

Manually check what version of Android is installed

You can do a manual check for what version of Android you have installed on any device with our guide What version of android do I have? following this guide you can also reveal additional information such as phone model number, software build number, and the last security patch your device received.